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It’s true: The online-education company is still looking to hire more graduates to work for it.

But they’re already having a tough time finding people.

Here are five of the companies hiring graduates this year.


Google Glass maker Google Glass has become a big buzzword in the automotive world, but the automotive industry is a little more reserved.

Google is offering the first two-year, $100,000 automotive degree to students at a small college in Southern California.

The program, which is open to anyone who holds an advanced degree in computer science or engineering, doesn’t offer the usual degrees in the fields of mechanical engineering or automotive engineering.

Rather, it offers automotive degrees in electrical and electronic engineering and driver education.

Google says the program will be used to help students “shape the future of autonomous driving,” according to a blog post on the company’s website.


Uber’s car-training company is offering students the chance to work at its self-driving car division.

Uber is one of the most prominent tech companies that has a presence in the auto industry, but its autonomous vehicles aren’t yet ready for public testing.

In fact, Uber is still in the middle of its self the test process.

Google recently announced that it is partnering with the University of Pittsburgh to help train students who will be testing its self drives in Pittsburgh and in California.

It is expected to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road by 2021.


Ford Motor Co. is using the automotive program to help its self drive program.

Ford says it is providing two- to three-year automotive degrees to students who are studying for its self driving program, and the company says it plans to train more than 100 students a year in its self defense and automotive programs.


Google’s self-drive program offers students the opportunity to work in the company.

Google said it is offering a two-week course at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute that will allow students to work with Google’s autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh, and that they will also work at a company where Google is currently testing self-drives.

The Carnegie Mellon program will also be available at the University at Albany in New York, and in a handful of other states.


Ford is recruiting drivers from Google to help test its self cars.

Ford said it has recruited a total of 25 students from Google’s car training program and is looking for more than 300 students for its test driving program in Pittsburgh.