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A University of Detroit Mercy College of Medicine professor has found that more than a million people in Michigan are uninsured.

A new report from the Center for Health Equity and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota said more than 10 million Americans are uninsured nationwide.

About a quarter of all people in the country are uninsured, and that figure has been increasing, the report said.

That’s an increase of more than 100 percent in the past decade.

The report also found that the number of uninsured people in each state and the District of Columbia has increased by more than 500,000 since 2000.

The researchers said that the rate of uninsured Americans is on the rise across the nation.

That includes about one in five people in Alabama, one in four people in Arkansas, one out of five people on the West Coast, one-third in Hawaii, and one-quarter in the Midwest, according to the report.

The authors say the problem is not limited to just one state.

For example, there are nearly 6 million Americans without health insurance in Michigan.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the number who are currently uninsured or underinsured has grown from 4.2 million in 2014 to 8.7 million in 2016.

That’s an 11 percent increase since 2009.

The national trend is not good news for the uninsured, especially in the suburbs, where enrollment has been growing steadily over the past few years.

The percentage of residents who are uninsurable has also risen, with the percentage of people who aren’t insured in those areas rising from 8.1 percent in 2014 and 2015 to 13.2 percent in 2016, according the report, which was released Friday.

The center is also looking at whether the rising number of people with health insurance is contributing to the health care crisis, with some of the findings of the report being released this week.

Among those findings:There are nearly 40 million people who don’t have health insurance, but about 10 million of them are enrolled in Medicaid, according a 2015 report from Brookings Institution.

And nearly 40 percent of the people who do have health coverage in the U.S. don’t enroll in Medicare.

About 20 million people lack insurance but aren’t uninsured.

The Center for American Progress reported that more people in that group are enrolled as part of the expansion of Medicaid, the federal health insurance program for the poor.

The number of Americans without insurance has been rising since the beginning of the Affordable Care Act.

In 2010, more than half of the uninsured people were in the 50 states, the District and the Puerto Rico area.

The number of insured people has increased in every state since the ACA went into effect in 2010.

But the report says that as the number uninsured continues to increase, the proportion of the population with health coverage is declining.

More than one in 10 people don’t pay their health premiums, and the rate has been declining, the researchers found.

In addition, about one-fifth of people don´t have health care coverage because they can’t afford it.

The study also found:Nearly 6 million people aren’t covered by employer plans and the proportion is growing.

Nearly 15 million people don�t have coverage through the federal marketplace, the government health insurance marketplace.

And about 3 million people, about 1 in 5, don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.