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The Associated Press | October 25, 2018 06:11:50A nursing degree has become a coveted credential, even among college graduates.

But not everyone has the credentials to become an associate or associate degree nurse.

The Associated Press’ annual ranking of the top nursing degrees includes only the highest-paying ones, and the median earnings are below the national average.

The median earnings for nursing assistants at the top 50 public, nonprofit and private schools were $68,000, according to the AP.

The AP’s annual ranking was based on information from more than 9,000 schools.

It is not the first time the AP has listed the highest paid nursing degrees, though it is the first year it included a list that includes only nursing jobs that have been awarded.

In the past, AP has ranked nursing degrees in terms of median earnings, but this year the median was $56,000.

The median for nursing assistant degrees is $56.50.

The average earnings for a nursing assistant degree at the AP schools were almost $72,000 last year.

The AP did not rank nursing assistants in terms, median earnings or median pay, but it did list nursing degrees as one of the six top nursing occupations.